Our Markets

Embedded technology travels beyond all boundaries. Hence, our solutions can be found in virtually all sectors and markets. Nonetheless, some unique technical challenges remain – and our experts are specialized in handling them.





The digitalization of trains, underground railway systems, and buses determines the future of the transportation industry. Thousands of travelers and commuters use the Internet and information services on their rides every day. In this environment, devices have to meet the highest security standards. Our products comply with all common railway and industrial standards and are accordingly certified.


railway transportation

Our railway-certified products make the use of Wi-Fi on trains as well as the sharing and storage of infotainment content and operating data possible via train-land-connections. This is also true for retrofitting program upgrades through the implementation of wireless backbone networks across railway cars more

automotive transportation

All-in-one solutions – contrary to the distributed systems on trains – for Internet and passenger information systems, including server operations and data sharing via bus-land-connections more

air traffic

Customer-specific cabin management display system for aircraft personnel communications, coordination and information more

maritime traffic

Data concentrator for the collection and analysis of sensor data in a black box, including data back-up in short time intervals more




Precision agriculture is based on the generation, analysis and mobile sharing of large volumes of data. On a display, the driver receives comprehensive insights into his or her surroundings paired with concise information for a whole farm management in combination with camera images.

Mobile Automation

mobile automation

agricultural machinery

Driver support and multi-camera-systems for use in extremely tough environmental conditions up to IP69K for the acquisition of data from distributed systems and the depiction on the driver display, including broadband management in networks more

construction machinery

Display computers for extreme environmental conditions up to IP69K for the acquisition of data from distributed systems and the depiction on the driver display, including broadband management in networks more

Industrial Applications




The manufacturing industry bets on performance, compatibility, flexibility and – last but not least – cost-effective solutions. Pairing the latest technology with long availability is a very unique challenge. We have been assuming system maintenance responsibility for our clients for many years.

industrial applications

industry 4.0

Powerful hardware and software that network decentralized control systems with the aim of making production processes more flexible all the way down to the first production lot more

internet of things

Data recording and control systems for the use of Internet-based services as well as for remote data access and control more




The following qualities are indispensable when it comes to the use of medical devices: absolute reliability, dependable failsafe operation and maximum performance. We achieve this feat by choosing dependable components, redundancy and systems that can be validated. Certification for our products is also available upon request.

Medical Applications

medical applications

computer systems

Certifiable control systems for use in medical equipment focusing on operational safety and long lifecycles more

image processing

High-performance and reliable image processing components and systems for imaging applications, e.g. x-ray diagnostics and computers that control medical devices more