Our Products

We develop and manufacture a range of embedded technology hardware and software solutions for use in rough environments and a broad spectrum of applications, which also accommodate customer-specific wishes.

LTE Router CyBox LTE 2



Digital networks connect people with people and humans with machines. This is achieved wirelessly or via cable connections. We guarantee stable communications as well as the interruption-free sharing of sensitive, protected data for both options.

network solutions

wi-fi access points

High-speed, stable Wi-Fi connections with up to 256 clients per unit more

lte routers and gateways

Stable and secure LTE connections in dedicated systems or as all-in-one solutions more

data concentrators

For the collection and analysis of sensor data, e.g. for predictive maintenance and the transfer of log data via wired and wireless networks more

media servers

Streaming of videos, images and information via network to a wide range of end devices with content and media servers more

intelligent displays

Depiction of passenger information and local media content on a wide range of LCD displays more

ethernet switches

For the connection of network-compatible devices within a mobile or stationary network more



Digital cameras substitute for or support the human eye in processes such as inspection, monitoring, surveillance and positioning. We choose the optimum sensors and connect them to computers and interfaces. We also provide complete control over the transmission logs.

Intelligent Camera HiPerCam I

industrial imaging

intelligent cameras

Recording and pre-processing of pictures and videos with digital cameras and transmission of the analyzed data over long distances more

image processing systems

Computer systems bundle and process the pictures from a large number of integrated or remote digital cameras and handle CPU-intensive image processing tasks more

frame grabbers

Frame grabber cards for digital camera images and video sequences as well as for the pre-processing of image data using FPGAs more




The intelligence of a machine is determined by the performance and functionality of the computer that controls this machine. We develop the CPU, integrate the computer capacity and I/O into our housing concepts, provide solutions that prevent the system from overheating and, upon request, will also obtain industrial standard-compliant certifications.

embedded boards and systems

cpu and soc boards

Computer boards and modules based on SoC or COM design, including memory, interfaces and operating system in different form factors and for a wide range of bus systems more

industrial pcs

Plug-and-play embedded computers in standard housings and specific housing formats customized for individual operating environments more