Industrial PCs

Industrial computers for a wide range of applications – in particular, in the railway and manufacturing environments – boasting long lifecycles

Industrial PC




Reliable computers in standard x86-architecture or adapted housings used for a vast spectrum of purposes in embedded applications

Industrial PCs

Our industrial computers of the CyBox line are developed specially for use in industrial processes under rough environmental conditions. They are suitable for continuous operation.

We achieve these features by choosing components, housings and power supplies that meet the industrial standards. Other important factors are good scalability and the long-term availability of all of the components we use.

CyBox 17

Embedded PC with an internal high performance power supply for additional periphery – yet very quiet

 ProductCPU Form FaktorHousingCoolingFree SlotsOperating System
CyBox 17  Slot Card Desktop Fan  3 Windows

CyBox 16

Embedded PC in a compact housing unit that offers expansion options with bus plug-in cards

 ProductCPU Form FaktorHousingCoolingFree SlotsOperating System
CyBox 16 Slot Card Desktop Fan 3 Windows

CyBox 15

Modular 19-inch housing, equipped with a CompactPCI Serial backplane and our EUROCOM 600 CPU card

 ProductCPU Form FaktorHousingCoolingFree SlotsOperating System
CyBox 15 CompactPCI Serial 19" External Fan  4 Linux

CyBox 14

Top-hat (DIN) rail housing for switch cabinet installation featuring an Atom x86 CPU core, particularly suitable for control applications

 ProductCPU Form FaktorHousingCoolingFree SlotsOperating System
CyBox 14 Embedded DIN Rail Conduction - Linux, Windows

CyBox MP

Rugged mobile computing platform boasting a high performance CPU, specifically designed for video encoding and decoding as well as interfaces for wired Gigabit Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi/LTE

 ProductCPU Form FaktorHousingCoolingFree SlotsOperating System
CyBox MP-T  CompactPCI Serial  19" Conduction  - Linux, Windows

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