Image Processing Systems

Computer systems bundle and process the pictures from a large number of integrated or remote digital cameras and handle CPU-intensive image processing tasks

Image Processing System




Image processing systems are computers with one or multiple remote camera heads

Image Processing Systems

The image processing systems of the HiPerCam MC line are especially used for inspection tasks, in automation, and security and safety applications. They provide the fundamental hardware for all high-volume image processing projects. They comprise one or multiple cameras as well as a high-performance, detached computer that analyses the images and sends the results to control units.

Multichannel camera systems place the focus on larger applications involving more than just one camera. They are practical for all applications that aim at analyzing multiple camera images centrally in one computer, for instance in quality inspection applications, where views of multiple sides of the object to be inspected are required.

The intelligent cameras available in our HiPerCam series are suitable for smaller solutions with distributed analysis tasks.

HiPerCam MC

Compact image processing computer for switch cabinet applications for the connection of two camera heads via LVDS interfaces

 ProductForm FactorCPUCamera InterfaceOperating System
HiPerCam MC-L DIN rail AMD 1 GHz LVDS Linux




Infrared flashes used to light up moving scenarios with short exposure windows and daylight suppression

Infrared Flash

Infrared Flashes

The quality of an image processing solution hinges on perfect lighting. Our ILED series of infrared flashes in different designs are especially effective for the category of infrared applications that require picture lighting over distances of up to 50 meters.

The ELTEC IR lighting systems deliver a large amount of light in a very short period of time. The infrared LEDs are arranged in a circle around the lens opening so that they provide shade-free lighting. Due to their extreme lighting power, these IR flashes are particularly helpful in outdoor applications, even in bright sunlight. An integrated micro-controller keeps the lighting exposure times in check and protects the LEDs against overloads.

CMOS cameras with electronic full-screen shutters should be used for these applications.


The ILED 3 boasts 64 extremely powerful infrared LEDs that have been optimized for flashes that last from 1 µs to 1 ms

 ProductFlash TypeFlashlight StrengthLens MountingInterfaceWeatherproof Suitable
ILED 3 IR LED 60 W ring flash TTL yes


The ILED 2 is a more compact version of the ILED 1 that has been designed for installation in weather-proof housings

 ProductFlash TypeFlashlight StrenghtLens MountingInterfaceWeatherproof Suitable
ILED 2 IR LED 20 W ring flash TTL Yes


Short-term over-current tolerance is one of the hallmarks of the ILED 1. This solution allows for the efficient generation of short flashes.

 ProductFlash TypeFlashlight StrengthLens MountingInterfaceWeatherproof Suitable
ILED 1 IR LED 20 W ring flash TTL -

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