Intelligent Cameras

Recording and pre-processing of pictures and videos with digital cameras and transmission of the analyzed data over long distances

Intelligent Camera




Intelligent cameras are equipped with integrated CPUs that have the capability of handling the image processing, management and control functions right inside the camera

Intelligent Cameras

The digital cameras of the HiPerCam line are excellent tools for the monitoring and controlling of industrial processes. They are also ideal for utilization as overview cameras for large vehicles, such as harvesting machines. Their technology is based on CMOS image sensors and multimedia processors with proven track records. They use Gigabit Ethernet connections; they are compact and offer maximum performance while using a minimal amount of space. The local CPU can also be used for in-house programs.

Besides just recording pictures, two other core functions of the processor are the pre-processing and compression of the images. As a universal optical sensor, the camera interprets the images based on its algorithms and provides direct decision-making for the respective application.

HiPerCam V

Industrial camera that can be directly connected to a monitor with Full HD and that contains an additional FPGA for hardware-based image processing

 ProductSensorCPUHousingEthernetOperating System
HiPerCam V 2 MP i.MX6-DL IP 54 profile

1 GBit/s Linux

HiPerCam I

Cost-optimized industrial camera with compressed image transmission function and high data volume throughput

 ProductSensorCPUHousingEthernetOperating System
HiPerCam I 5 MP i.MX6-DL IP 54 profile, replaceable front glass 1 Gbit/s Linux

HiPerCam A

Extremely rugged and waterproof outdoor digital camera for sophisticated image processing tasks under rough environmental conditions. The sturdy housing even tolerates high-pressure washing.

 ProductSensorCPUHousingEthernetOperating System
HiPerCam A 5 MP, 1.3 MP i.MX6-Dual IP 6K9K, die cast 1 Gbit/s Linux

HiPerCam Sensor Modules

Upon request, the sensor modules for our HiPerCam product line can be customized for use with each camera model.

Sensor TypePixelsShutterTemperatureVariousFor Camera Modeles
MT9P031 5 MP | 2.2 um rolling -30.. +60 °C 1.3 MP with binning HiPerCam I, HiPerCam A
MT9M031 1.3 MP | 3.75 um full frame    0.. +60 °C FF shutter special version
OV10635 1.3 MP | 4.2 um rolling -40.. +85 °C high temperature HiPerCam A
AR0230 2 MP | 1080p | 3 um rolling -30.. +85 °C Full HD | pixel size HiPerCam V

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