I/O Modules

Interfaces for Condition Based Monitoring in monitor modus at the MVB and CAN bus, according to EN 50155

I/O module




Records and collects status data of sensors

Bus Interfaces

ELTEC's I/O modules are an extention for ELTEC network solution computers, such as the gateway CyBox GW-P and the automotive router CyBox RT-A, which provide the possibility to connect the devices to field and control buses in a railway or automotive environment. In this case they enable the collection of operating data for condition-based monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Depending on the interface, a pure monitor mode is implemented. This prevents any interference with the controller by physically preventing any writing on the bus (read-only).

EN 50155 certified

EN 50155 certified

your benefits

Small form factor

Available as stand-alone mezzanine modules or integrated into the ELTEC gateway server (CyBox GW-P) or automotive router (CyBox RT-A)

ELTEC mezzanine standard

Supports PCI Express and SPI - for connecting fast as well as inexpensive slow interfaces

Fast implementation

Easy implementation of various platforms using the ELTEC module standard and SPI interface

Galvanic separation of the interfaces

Increased interference immunity in widely distributed systems

CyBox IO

Interfaces on flexible mezzanine cards that are adressed via PCI Express or the SPI protocol. The front-panel connectors required for the target bus allow for easy cabling.

 ProductBusData RateControllerOperating System
CyBox IO MVB MVB 1.5 Mbps  MVB C-02 OpenWrt
CyBox IO CAN CAN 1 Mbps MCP2515 OpenWrt

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