Wireless Gateway CyBox GW-P


Mobile Wireless Gateway CyBox GW-P


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CyBox GW-P

Mobile Wireless Gateway for up to 5 Wi-Fi or LTE modules

The CyBox GW-P is used as an exceptionally fast wireless Internet interface. It allows for the joint operation of up to four LTE channels. This eliminates the bottleneck in vehicle-land communications. Up to four SIM cards per LTE module make it possible to use different providers and to implement cost-optimized roaming across national borders.

Up to five Wi-Fi interfaces and two Gigabit Ethernet ports are available for local communications.

An internal SSD connection makes it possible to archive data locally, for instance as a media server for movies or passenger information.

  • 5 slots for miniPCI Express radio modules – up to 4 for LTE, up to 5 for Wi-Fi
  • 4 SIM slots per LTE module
  • Network-optimized CPU with directly integrated interfaces
  • USB interface for the connection of external media and updates
  • SSD interface (Serial ATA) on board
  • Wide-range power supply unit with 24 to 110 VDC
  • Test reports in compliance with EN 50155 available
EN 50155 certified

EN 50155 certified

Your Benefits

  • High-end communication power
    For onboard connectivity

  • Up to 5 modems at the same time
    Supports Wi-Fi and UMTS/LTE modems

  • Multi-provider support
    Up to 20 SIM cards can be used

  • Ultra-wide Power Supply
    Fully railway compliant to EN 50155 - for world-wide useage in every type of train

  • Made in Germany

CyBox GW-P Models

ModelsWLAN | LTE802.11NetwprkPowerCPU/SoCVarious
CYGWP-1005 2 | 3 ac 1 GBit/s 24 - 110 VDC 4-core GPS
CYGWP-1100 2 | 3 ac 1 GBit/s 24 - 110 VDC 4-core/8-thread GPS

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