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CyBox RT 2-A

Wireless Router for automotive applications

The CyBox RT 2-A is a wireless router and access point designed specifically for the use in buses within harsh environments.

The router allows for mobile Wi-Fi-capable devices in buses or trams to communicate with the Internet or access local data such as timetable information, videos, etc. For a secure connection, there are two independent LTE interfaces that can use redundant transmission paths.

While passengers travel, a configurable firewall protects the individual users' personal data against unauthorized access and supports secure and interruption-free data exchange with the Internet. The software OpenWrt which is always up-to-date reinforces the security aspect.

Connectors CyBox RT 2-A

Connectors CyBox RT 2-A

  • 2 LTE interfaces with Cat 6 standard, each with 2 SIM sockets
  • 1 Wi-Fi radio in compliance with the IEEE802.11ac standard
  • 2 ELTEC mezzanine I/O modules for vehicle buses CAN, IBIS, RS485 and others
  • External antenna selection possible thanks to QLS antenna connection
  • 5 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface via RJ45 connector with integrated switch
  • Operating software OpenWrt
  • SNMP maintenance and updates via network or USB
  • Wide-range power supply unit with 12 to 24 VDC
  • Test reports in compliance with E1 available
4 SIM card slots

4 SIM card slots

CyBox RT 2-A Models

ModelsWLAN | LTE802.11NetworkPowerVarious
CYRTA-2000 1 | 2 ac 5 x  1 GBit/s    12 - 24 VDC 2 free module slots

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