Media Servers

Streaming of videos, images and information via network to a wide range of end devices with content and media servers

Media Server CyBox MP




Computer platform with integrated mass storage components, optimized for network and streaming throughput. In larger systems, this solution is connected to the backbone networks; in smaller systems with optional WAN and Wi-Fi interfaces.

mobile computing platforms

Our CyBox MP line of mobile computing platforms comprises media and communication servers for the secure storage and transportation of large data volumes. Our products are specifically designed for use in rough environments and ensure the loss-free storage of your data.

The mobile computing platform is suitable for applications such as infotainment, video surveillance, and video recording in mobile and industrial settings, in public transportation, agricultural and construction machine applications or in the manufacturing industry in general.

EN 50155 certified

EN 50155 certified

CyBox MP

Rugged mobile computing platform with a high-performance CPU, especially designed for video encoding and decoding, and interfaces for wired Gigabit Ethernet as well as wireless Wi-Fi/LTE applications

 ProductCommunication InterfacesSATA Hard DiskInterfacesPowerOperating System
CyBox MP-T 2 x Wi-Fi or LTE 2 x 1 TB removable frame USB 3.0, USB 2.0, DisplayPort 24 - 110 VDC Linux, Windows

CyBox GW

Mobile wireless gateway set up as an all-in-one media server and LTE router with five slots for Wi-Fi and LTE modules

 ProductCommunication InterfacesSATA Hard DiskSIM CardsNetwork Uplink
CyBox GW-P 5 x LTE or Wi-Fi SSD with 1 TB 4 pro LTE 1 GBit/s

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