All-in-one solutions for Internet and passenger information systems including server performance and data exchange via vehicle-to-ground connections

Compact all-in-one solutions for passenger information and Internet access are the primary options used in public and private regional and long-distance automotive transportation applications. Here, multiple functions are consolidated in one device. The server, for instance, is directly integrated into the solution.

Besides memory for local content, multiple 5G or LTE interfaces are available for broadband vehicle-land connections. Several SIM cards allocated to each LTE interface support both, multi-provider usage and data sharing via different mobile phone service providers. Hence, when travelling e.g. across national borders, you have the option to always route data communications through the mobile phone provider that offers the best connection quality. An integrated GPS receiver makes it possible to determine the exact location of the vehicle any time.

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Areas of Application

Bus on a street in the evening light

GPS tracking shows you where your vehicle is at any time.

Young woman using cell phone in the bus

Routers and gateways form the core of WLAN hotspots for passagenger Wi-Fi on the bus.

Bus is entering a bus station

Vehicles in the depot can be supplied with new data and existing operating data can be archived quickly and cost-effectively.

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