Passenger WiFi


Enhance your Wi-Fi offering with super-fast Internet and more volume per passenger – for an excellent customer experience. We guarantee the highest transfer rates of up to 1.7 Gbps and the best connection quality for up to 1024 end devices per Wi-Fi access point.

ELTEC WLAN Access Point for Passenger Wi-Fi

On-board Connectivity

Always be online – even on the move. A matter of course for many travelers. Inspire your passengers with Wi-Fi hotspots for perfect surfing pleasure on the train, the city train, underground or tram, and, at the same time, digitalize your railway operations. Wi-Fi access points from Westermo Eltec use the latest transmission technologies for the highest bandwidths and supply up to 1024 end devices per access point with optimum high-speed Wi-Fi reception – more than 90 clients can even stream individual videos simultaneously.

Your Advantages



Already at Gigabit-speed.
10 Gbps to come. 



Country-specific Wi-Fi standards
for worldwide use



Intelligent allocation of bandwidth
through load balancing

Icon for security


Configurable firewall and client isolation
for safe Internet

Icon for easy


Intuitive web interface
for easy configuration

Icon for future-proof


Constant form factor for
upgrades to future technologies

Seamless Communication as a Platform for New Applications

Modern Services

Young laughing woman having a coffee in a passenger train

Inspire your customers with modern services for a great travel experience. By giving your train staff mobile, wireless access to essential information, such as fault messages, emergencies or simply the need for more coffee, you can offer your passengers more safety and comfort and increase the attractiveness of public transport and the effectiveness of its operation.

Internet of Mobile Things

Passengers with luggage board a train

IoT devices and sensors in the train can also use Wi-Fi for communication. For example, equip your seats with pressure sensors and receive real-time information on the current occupancy situation. Newly boarded passengers can easily find the next available seat.

At a Glance

  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology for maximum throughput
  • Ultra-wide-range power supply for every type of train
  • Compact dimensions for the smallest installation spaces
  • Robust, maintenance-free design
  • EN 50155-compliant design according to the international railway standard
  • Remote configuration and automated updates
  • Open source software platform with no hidden backdoors
  • Built-in cyber security for access and data security

Suitable Access Points

Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP 3-W

3rd Generation Wi-Fi Access Point

CyBox AP 3-W

Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP 2-W

2dn Generation Wi-Fi Access Point

CyBox AP 2-W

Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP 2-O

Outdoor Wireless Access Point

CyBox AP 2-O

WLAN Access Point CyBox AP-A

WLAN Access Point with integrated antenna

CyBox AP-A

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